About Us

Established over 30 years, Just Fine Food is renowned for it's "famous vanilla slice". So popular is this iconic Australian sweet, that this one little location in Sorrento makes and sells 100,000 a year. In January alone, the business sold enough vanilla slices, that if placed side to side would go around the Melbourne Cricket Ground three times.

The great number of unique recipes still made today, including the vanilla slice, stem back to the time Bill Freeman introduced them as the third owner in 1987. 
Today the business continues the tradition of quality and focus on exceptional customer service. The two simple elements owing to it's success.

“We are quality enthusiasts: providing Australia’s most famous vanilla slice, a superb customer experience, and guiding staff growth in the pursuit of excellence. We aspire to set  a new industry benchmark in best practice in Sorrento in order to enrich the sense of pride in the work we do.”

Mission, Vision, Values & Beliefs


"Genius is in the detail"

"Placing that extra 1% effort in everything that we do. "

"Improvement is constant pursuit "

"Outstanding customer experience is the nucleus for our existence"
"Quality means doing it right when nobody's looking"
 - Henry Ford